Gai Pad Prik

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Gai Pad Prik (literally, Stir-fried chicken chilli pepper) Pad Prik is a popular one dish food. This dish can be found everywhere from a street food vendor in Thailand. We consider that one dish food is fast food in Thailand. Most Thai fast food are made from scratch, some are ready made is called Khao Gaeng and the other one is called Arhan Tam Sang, Arhan Tam Sang is the food made from your order.

We normally measure the cost of living in Thailand from the prices of one dish food. Working and white collar class people rely on one dish food. In general, people don’t bring lunch (from home) to work – most of them eat lunch from Khao Gaeng or Arhan Tam Sang shops. Living in a big city like Bangkok, traveling from home to work can take hours because the streets pack with vehicles so people don’t have much time to cook and also food from Khao Gaeng and Arhan Tam Sang shops are cheaper and fresher than you make yourself at home, especially a single person.

(Bangkok is a very big city, over 8 million people living in Bangkok that is an official number but many people register as a resident in other provinces or up countries and we also have people from provinces which are surrounded Bangkok but it is like part of Bangkok because Bangkok grows horizontal – there is no space between so we have millions of commuters each day. We have some subways that run within the city and some more are under construction. Each time I go back to (visit) Thailand and it’s different but Bangkok is always an interesting and exciting city and food is good.)

This dish is pretty much contain all nutrition you need in one dish even it is (Thai) fast food (it takes less than 10 minutes on cooking) it is healthy food.

* You can use any kind of meat in this dish like chicken, beef, pork and seafood. And if you use beef for this dish then you should reduce cooking time by tossing with a flipper a few time then add vegetable or the beef will be tough from overcooking.

3- 4 servings


2                  Small – medium skinless, boneless chicken breasts, slice into ¼ inch thick
2 cloves       Garlic mince
1½ tsp         Soy Sauce
Pinch of salt
Combine chicken, garlic, soy sauce and salt and marinate for 30 minutes.

1                  Small Onion (about 1 cup), cut into ½ inch wedges
1                  Small – medium Red or green Pepper, cut into ½ inch x 1½ inch
2                  Green onion, cut into ½ inch long
2                  Jalapeno Pepper, cut half in lengthwise and from the half cut on an angle into ¼ inch slices.
3 tbsp           Vegetable oil
3 tbsp           Water
1 tbsp           Soy or fish sauce
1 tsp             Oyster Sauce


    Veggy cuts
    1. Heat the wok on high heat (for a steel wok) until hot put 2 tbsp oil and add marinated chicken. Tossing and separating chicken with a spatula for a minute and reduce the heat to medium high and stir-frying until chicken is almost cooked.
    2. Add onion, red or green pepper, jalapeno pepper and mix all well and add 1 tbsp oil and 1 tbsp soy or fish sauce and oyster sauce. Stir-frying for 2 -3 minutes or until parts of vegetable soft, add water during stir-frying.
    3. Turn off the heat. Add green onion and mix well. Serve with steamed rice.