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Moo Yang

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Moo Yang (literally, grilled pork)
Last weekend we had some friends came over. One of the dishes that I made was Moo Yang, and some of my friends asked for the recipe so I just post it here.

Moo Yang is pretty common dish in Thailand and we make this dish for a beer party or any relaxing occasion. You can find Moo Yang at a restaurant too but may not exactly be like my recipe.

The weather is warming up; the BQQ season is coming so this dish is perfect for a nice warm sunny day with friends or family. You may like to try something different - Moo Yang with sticky rice.


 1 kg.              Pork loin,(best with pork loin with some fat) slice into ¾ inch thick (from any size you wish)
4 - 5 cloves    Garlic, chopped and pound with a pestle
4                    Big coriander roots, chopped and pound with a pestle
2 tbsp            Honey or Sugar
½ tsp             Salt
2 tsp              Fresh ground black pepper
2 tbsp            Soy Sauce
1 tbsp            Oyster sauce
2 tbsp            Oil
1 tbsp            Cooking wine


  1. In a bowl, combine garlic, coriander roots, honey or sugar, salt, ½ tsp ground pepper, soy sauce, oil and cooking wine. Mix well.
  2. Add pork into the mixer and coat totally, and grind or sprinkle black pepper on each layer of pork totally and cover with plastic wrap or transfer pork to a bowl with a lid. Marinate over night in the fridge.
  3. Grill on charcoal or oven both sides until cooked. (If the pork is very dry you can apply some more oil).
  4. Cut into the size you wish and serve with steamed sticky rice.


  1. Whenever get time with my friends, I will definitely prepare your Moo Yang Thailand dish and share with my friends.

  2. Thanks, Max! Hope you enjoy it!