Khai Luk Koei

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Khai Luk Koei, Kai Leuk Koey or Kai Look Koey (literally, son-in-law eggs) is a dish that commonly found at Raan Khoa Khaeng or short order Thai restaurants. Khai Luk Koei or Son-In-Law-Eggs made of hard boiled eggs and we also have Khai Luk Sa Pai or Daughter- In-Law-Eggs made of over easy fried eggs but Son-In-Law-Eggs seems more popular.

Eggs are a common food for everyone, we simply turn the eggs to something more interesting, and it is for families especially for kids. In Thailand we consider Khai Luk Koei is a kind of comfort food and also it is a kid friendly dish as it contains a little sweetness, saltiness and sourness but is not spicy. Many people asked me what ages of kids can eat or learn to eat spicy food – I think it depends on each kid his or herself some can eat spicy hot food at very young age like 2 -3 years old and some can eat only mild spicy food even they are adult. We both my husband and I be able to eat very spicy food but not our son, he can eat mild spicy only. I was surprised he loved my Massaman Curry; this curry is mild hot in a sense of spicy hot from chilli pepper but it has the strong flavour of the spiciness of other different spices like cumin, for example.   


Tamarind Liquid
1                        ¾ x 1 ¾ inches of 200 g Tamarind cake (see picture)
½ cup                water
Break and knead tamarind in water until the mixer thickens

6                       Large eggs
½ cake             Palm sugar
6 tbsp               Tamarind thick liquid
2 tbsp               Fish sauce
½ cup               Oil for frying
1                       Large shallot, slice thin
2 tbsp               Chopped coriander
1                      Big long red chilli or Prik Chee Fah, sliced (optional) this kind of chilli is mild hot.


  1. Place eggs in a pot and cover with cold tap water and boil at high heat for 12 minutes (boil 10 minutes from tap water in Thailand).
  2. Remove from heat, drain the hot water and rise and soak with cold tap water in the same time shake the pot so the eggs will be cracked from hitting to each other and peel the shells.
  3. Put oil on a small frying pan over medium heat until hot. Add egg one at a time if using small amount oil in the pan and roll and turn the egg to brown totally until finish all.
  4. In the same frying pan with the same oil, add sliced shallot, fry until slightly golden brown and drain oil on paper towel.
  5. In the same frying pan, remove all oil, reduce the heat to low and add tamarind liquid, fish sauce and palm sugar and cook until palm sugar dissolves and the mixer thickens slightly.
  6. To serve, slice the eggs and arrange on a serving plate. Pour on the sauce and garnish with crispy shallot, red chilli slices and chopped coriander. Serve with steamed rice.


  1. Yes I heard about Khai Luk Koei when I was living at thailand. Its very famous in thai restaurants.

  2. Hi Max, thanks for following my recipe blog!
    Guess you tried lots of Thai food while you were living in Thailand.