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Gai Yang Ta Krai or Chicken Lemongrass Skewers

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Gai Yang Ta Krai or Chicken Lemongrass Skewers is another outdoor summer food, but you can still have this dish on a rainy day by using oven grill or pan grill. You can have different kinds of meat for this dish – like pork, lamb or beef. The overall process of making this dish is pretty easy.

If you have the fat lemongrass then you can cut the lemongrass into half lengthwise, it is good in a way so you can get more favour and scent from lemongrass on your meat.


2              Large skinless boneless chicken breast (about 500 g) cut into chunks (34” x 2” x 2 ½“)
6              Lemongrass, cut into 6 -7 inches long
3 cloves  Garlic 
Lemongrass sticks
3              Coriander roots
1 tsp        Fresh ground pepper
1 tsp        Crashed coriander seeds
13 tsp      Salt
1 tbsp      Honey or palm sugar
2 tbsp      Thick cream of Coconut milk
2 tbsp      Soy sauce
1 tbsp      Oyster sauce
1 tbsp       Vegetable oil


  1. Pound garlic, coriander roots with mortar and pestle or chop very fine.
  2. Marinate chicken with garlic, coriander roots, ground pepper, crashed coriander seeds, soy sauce, salt, honey or palm sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce, oil and water  for 2 -3 hours.
  3. Cut lemongrass into 6 -7 inches, and cut the smaller end of each lemongrass into pointy shapes.
  4. Thread the meat into the lemongrass sticks – 3 pieces for each stick until finish all and ready to grill.
    Skewers on charcoal
  5. Serve with Cucumber pickles (see recipe) and steamed rice or sticky rice, and or just serve with cold beer.