Chicken Mango Salad or Yum Ma Muang Gai

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Mango is native to tropical to Thailand, south-east Asia and India from where it spread all over the tropics around the world. There are many different kinds of mangoes grow in Thailand, some are good for eating ripe and some are good for eating green.  Here in North America mangoes are available almost all round year, they are from many places – Mexico, Central America, and Asian mangoes at some Asian grocery stores. This recipe requires a green sour mango or firm sour mango.


                        chicken breasts
¼  tsp.                 salt
2   tbsps.             soy sauce
2   tbsps.             canola or vegetable oil
2   cloves             garlic, finely chopped.
1   tsp.                 sugar

(Chicken marinated with ingredients above for 1- 2 hours. And then grill it in the oven until cooked. Cut in chunks. Keep the dripping for the salad dressing)

½    unripe mango, julienne. (1 cup)
½    small carrot, julienne.
¼     red onion, thinly slice.
10    grape tomatoes, cut in half.
4      green onions,  chopped
4      stalks of mints, only leaves.

Mix all the ingredients and chicken in a salad bowl, put aside.

Salad Dressing

5   tbsp               condense chicken broth
¼  cake               palm sugar
1   tbsp               fish sauce
1   (round) tsp     chilli paste (chilli paste with soya oil)
3   tbsp                Lime juice (depending on the sourness of the mango, you can add more or reduce less)
4                         fresh red chilli peppers, finely chopped.
1   stalk               lemongrass (about 3 tbsp), finely slice first and then chopped in very small pieces
5                         kaffir lime leaves, finely chopped (Stack and fold the leaves when you chop, it will be easier)


  1. Melt palm sugar in condense chicken broth and fish sauce (it is easier to melt palm sugar on heat but not boiling).
  2. Add fish sauce, chilli paste, dripping from grilled chicken pan, lime juice, fresh chillies, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves.
  3. Mix salad dressing in vegetable and chicken.
  4. Taste and serve.