Thai Green Curry Paste

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Green Curry is the most well known and popular curry in and out of Thailand. The method of making Green Curry Paste is the same as Red Curry Paste, except a few ingredients are different.

As for Thai cuisine using fresh ingredients, is the key of Thai food, produce the real aroma. Original the greenish colour in green curry is from Prik Kee Noo leaves (Thai chilli)(see herbs), they have a mild favour. People grow herbs, chilli and other vegetables in front or back yard of a house, it is called “Pak Suen Krua or Home Vegetable Garden” so the chilli leaves are always available. In this recipe we use coriander leaves instead. They will not change the favour of the curry as the Coriander roots are part of the ingredients of Green Curry Paste.


3 tsp         roasted Coriander seeds
3 tsp         roasted white peppercorn
3 tsp         roasted cumin
100 g        whole Coriander plants(including roots), chopped
150 g        Galangal, slice very thin
9              Lemongrass (cut off the top part and the bottom hard part remain 6” long and strip 2-3 the outer leaves), slice very thin
80 g          Fresh Thai green chillies, chopped
6              Kaffir limes, peel only green part of skin
10 cloves  Garlic, chopped
6               Shallots, chopped
3 tbsp       Shrimp paste, roasted
2 tsp         Salt
½ cups      Vegetable Oil


1.  ground roasted coriander seeds, roasted white peppercorn and roasted cumin with mortar and pestle. Put aside.
2.  Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
3.  Pound the mixer small amount each time in a mortar and pestle and add oil and the rest of ingredients until finish and the mixture becomes smooth paste. (This process can be done by a food processer)
4. Divide and contain in the ziplock bags and freeze or for cooking. (see some tips at Red Curry Paste page)