Thai Red Curry Paste

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In the past, you could hear the pestle and mortar pounding sound making curry paste everyday from your neighbours in Thailand but these days many people buy the curry paste from a market in stead which is convenient for contemporary lifestyles. Definitely the freshness and quality are not the same as you make your own.   This homemade fresh Red Curry Paste is from fresh ingredients. All ingredients you can find at Asian groceries, the fresh ingredients product the real aroma and good favour.

This recipe is for 4 – 5 batches. You can divide and contain in the small ziplock bags and freeze them for many months.


3  tsp            Roasted Coriander seeds
3  tsp            Roasted white peppercorn
3  tsp            Roasted Cumin
1                   Turmeric Root, about 2" long, chopped (or 2 tsp ground Turmeric)
30                 Coriander Roots including 2"green stems from the roots, chopped
150 g            Galangal, slice very thin
9                   Lemongrass(cut off the top part and the bottom hard part remain 6” long and strip 2-3 the outer leaves), slice very thin

18                 big dry red chillies, soak in warm water until soft  and chopped
80 g              Fresh Thai Red Chillies, chopped
6                   Kaffir limes, use only rind
10 cloves      Garlic, chopped
6                    Shallots, chopped
3  tbsp           Shrimp Paste, roasted (wrapp and roast in foil)
2  tsp             Salt
½ cups           Vegetable Oil


1.  ground roasted coriander seeds, roasted white peppercorn and roasted cumin with mortar and pestle. Put aside.
2.  Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
3.  Pound the mixer small amount each time in a mortar and pestle and add oil and the rest until smooth and paste like. (This process can be done by food processer)