Thai Red Curry with Chicken, Beef or Pork

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Chicken or pork red curry is very common, popular  and well-known dish in Thailand and around the world. You can find this dish from street food vendors to high end restaurants in Thailand. It’s hard to find homemade style curry paste at Thai restaurants outside Thailand. If you are real Thai food lovers you will notice it is really different.

I like to marinate the meat that I cook. The meat will be more tender and tasty than without marinating. The method using pork is the same as chicken but for beef you might not want to cook very long. For more aromatic you can add the Kaffir leaves just befor serving.

Chicken or Pork Red Curry for 3 – 4 serving


200  g.          Skinless Chicken breast cut in ½” thick 2” long
1     clove     Garlic, chopped
1    tsp         Soy sauce
¼   tsp          Salt
1                   Zucchini cut in chunks
1                   Red or green pepper cut in chunks
1   can          Coconut Milk (400ml.)
5   tbsp         Curry Paste  (see recipe)
1   tbsp         Vegetable oil
½  Cup         Water
2   tbsp           Fish sauce (or Chicken Base, adjust to suit your own taste)
½  tsp           Sugar
3 stems         of Sweet Thai Basil leaves
3-4               Kaffir Lime Leaves, chopped very fine


1.   Marinate Chicken or Pork at least half an hour with garlic, soy sauce and salt.
2.   Put vegetable oil in a frying pan or a pot until hot in medium high heat.
3.   Stir-fry curry paste in oil and then add chicken or pork into curry paste mix well.
4.   Add half of coconut milk, simmer the pork or chicken in medium heat until tender.
5.   Add zucchini and red or green pepper and add the other half of coconut milk and water.
6.   Add fish sauce and sugar for taste. Simmer until vegetables cooked but are still firm.
7.   Have a taste and adjust the favor suit your palate by adding more fish sauce or sugar. 
8.   Add sweet basil
9.   Remove from heat and add Kaffir Lime leaves. Serve with steam rice, sticky rice, and or vermicelli rice noodles.